Structure Stabilization

Our employees have attended shoring training which has been conducted by local fire departments. Our teams have the proper safety training and experience to respond to structure stabilization emergency calls.  If you have concerns about the stability of your property, call our expert teams now and we can help you assess or stabilize your structure now.

Once on site, our project manager will check in with the incident command or the property owner prior to entering scene. We will identify the damage and hazard. If shoring is to be built, we will determine the type and placement of shoring systems in relation to hazards. It is our policy to shore from the outside in; from safe to unsafe areas. In very high danger areas, we reduce risk by quickly installing Spot Shores.  There are many methods of stabilization.  The key to success is knowing which method is the best for each issue.

You can be confident that when you call CRS, we will properly assess the damage and execute the safest approach to stabilizing your property.


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