Lead Abatement

If you have lead in your building, you need a strong lead abatement team like CRS.  Lead has been widely used in many ways.  It can cause adverse health affects.  Children are the most at danger. The most common type of lead hazards exist from dust and chip lead release from old flaking paint.   CRS Lead Abatement

CRS also can remove other lead hazards such as lead solder on pipes, lead in soil, and lead lined walls within imaging rooms.  It it very crucial to handle lead based items in a safe and correct manner.  Proper processes are vital to avoid the health danger of lead.  We have a team of expert techs who have proper training.  Call today to discuss your lead abatement project.

To learn more about lead dangers, risks, and rules, visit http://www.epa.gov/leadLead Abatement EPA certified


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